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Apertura-Perimetry is a new addition to our our Apertura-EYE family of programs. The program selects patient information from the central database, and reads the selected patients stored perimetric tests. The program runs on a Windows NT/2000 workstation connected to a Humphrey or Interzeag perimeter by a serial connection. After the patient has undergone the selected tests on the perimeter, the perimetric results can be transferred to the Apertura-Perimetry program. By selecting save from the programs menu, the tests results are transferred to the medical record database(EYE-DB). The clinicians working in Apertura-EYE can view the tests on their workstation.

Apertura has as the first company in the world to integrate PeriData Active-X components into its Apertura-EYE program. The integrated components can be viewed in the programs screens and stores structured perimetric measurements to its Oracle based database (EYE_DB). Apertura-Perimetry is a new application which communicates with Humphrey and Interzeag perimeters. The program stores the perimetric results in the database. The clinician can immediately view the results from his workstation on the network.

Key Benefits
  • Full integration with Apertura-EYE system.
  • Perimetric information is stored in the shared central database (EYE-DB).
  • The first system in the world to do a seamless Active-X integration of PeriData components.


Apertura AS, Gaustadalleen 21, N-0349 Oslo Norway
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