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Apertura-EYE program family consists of three separate programs. Two programs, Apertura-Imaging and Apertura Perimetry, are made to collect information from imaging sources and perimeters. Apertura-EYE is the main program and is used by the eye-specialist, the ophthalmologist.

Key Benefits
  • Integrated communication to more than 20 refractive instruments.
  • Integrated perimetry (Humphrey, Interzeag).
  • The system also keeps track of patient information, medication, ICD-10 diagnosis.
  • It generates the medical notes from information captured from instruments, structured input and textual input from clinicial personel.
  • Because of its structured database (Oracle) it is possible to get extensive medical reports from the system.
  • Giving the ophthalmologist a summary of the patient.
  • Integrated access to perimetric and imaging information.
Integrated refractive instruments

The following refractive instruments are integrated and supported in Apertura-EYE.

  • Nikon OT7/8 Nidek
  • Rt-1200 Nidek
  • RT-2100
  • Rodenstock Pr60
  • Visutron Plus Topcon CV-2000
  • Nikon Remote Vison
  • Zeiss autoforopter

Its possible to transfer refractive data from the PC to these instruments and receive refractive data from the instruments.


Apertura-EYE can receive information refractive data from these instruments.

  • Nidek Ark-900
  • Nidek Ar-800
  • Nidek Ar-1000
  • Nidek Ark-700
  • Topcon RM-A2000
  • Topcon RM-A7000B
  • Nikon NR5100
  • Nikon NR5000
  • Nikon Retinomax printer
  • Humphrey 597
  • Canon R-30


Apertura-EYE can receive information refractive data from these instruments.

  • Nidek LM-990
  • Nidek LM-850
  • Nikon NL-30
  • Humphrey 370
  • Tomey TL-900
  • Topcon CL-2000

Note: New communication modules with instruments not listed above, are built and sold for the same price as supported instruments.

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